Digital Twins and Modeling

The Smart City of Siemensstadt, Berlin, Germany

Bentley Systems and Siemens are collaborating on a massive project in Berlin, developing an entire city district of over 70 hectares called Siemensstadt Square. The modern urban district will be occupied by industrial operations, commercial activities, research, education, and social infrastructure by 2035.

The project utilizes a digital twin of the city that enables every stakeholder, from engineers and architects to surveyors and construction workers, to collaborate and connect, combining data types to better design, build, and operate the infrastructure facilities. The digital twin and the software managing it allow users to visualize, simulate and optimize all the project’s assets – including roads, utilities, and buildings – during the planning phase before construction begins. It then enables stakeholders to improve decisions and outcomes, including meeting the district’s carbon-neutral objectives and evaluating whether it meets its environmental, social and governance (ESG) and sustainability goals. The web-based platform is 3D, immersive and available in real-time, connecting data and users to maximize collaboration and interoperability.