Risks, Vulnerabilities & Resource Management

Integrated Management of Urban Water Cycle, Porto, Portugal

The municipal water and energy utility organization created an online platform combining all data sources (from GIS, real-time network sensors, household meters, SCADA, laboratory billing, work orders, and logistics). The city of Porto used Bentley’s technology to create a digital twin of the city’s water supply, wastewater, stormwater, and bathing water systems that helped forecast flooding and water quality issues, enabling the city to improve its response and resilience. Implementing all the modeling domains and the plug-in-based server capabilities contributed to the success of the implementation at the city scale. This eased the integration of new models, data sources, and tools and helped put these components into operation and publish results seamlessly. This utility can predict performance, identify failures early, and prescribe actions based on asset information. Forecasts, alerts, and what-if scenario modeling lowered water supply interruptions by 22.9%.