The World Geospatial Industry Council is a registered not-for-profit trade association of commercial geospatial companies representing the entire value-chain of the geospatial ecosystem.


Policy Development & Advocacy

Keeping pace with numerous policy initiatives and providing a collective perspective to policymakers are some of the primary challenges. WGIC’s Policy Development & Advocacy committee is addressing those needs in the geospatial industry.


Partnerships & Industry Engagement

Collaborating with industries of relevance to the global economy and society, and enhancing the contributions of geospatial technology is identified as a critical need. WGIC is working towards developing collaborative partnerships and enabling geospatial knowledge exchange.


Public-Private Partnerships

To meet the ever-increasing demand for geospatial infrastructure and services, governments need to find new models of collaboration with the commercial players. WGIC is working towards defining the scope for Public-Private partnerships, possible business models, and related legislative issues.


Industry & Academia Collaboration

In the digital age, the demand for geospatial professionals is growing. At the same time, there is a widening gap between educational programs and industry requirements. WGIC is working to strengthen collaboration between the geospatial industry and academic institutions towards creating contemporary educational programs.

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