Bringing Geospatial Context to the Metaverse: Considerations for the Next Steps

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Bringing Geospatial Context to the Metaverse- Report
The policy report brings geospatial context to the metaverse and provides specific considerations for the next steps toward expanding the value proposition of geospatial technology. The report examines the opportunities and risks for the geospatial industry in the burgeoning commercial metaverse market, estimated to be several trillion dollars in the next two to three decades. It looks at the definitions of the metaverse and how it relates to concepts such as digital twins, cyber geography, and virtual reality as we know them in the geospatial ecosystem. It presents a strategic outlook to develop a geospatial ecosystem in the metaverse, including online presence across multiple devices, data, and technology for real-time multi-player productivity scenarios, real-time interoperability on a massive scale, user control of content and creation, and the provision of automation and performance using artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning (ML).
WGIC Metavers report

Table of Content

WGIC Table of Contents - Metaverse Report
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