Digital Twins and Modeling

Digital Synergy Project, Helsinki, Finland

As the City of Helsinki faced modern challenges such as increased urbanization and climate change, its government realized the need to go beyond traditional planning techniques to best serve the community and meet Finland’s goal of carbon neutrality by 2035.

The city government launched a EUR 1 million project to produce a digital twin of the city to improve Helsinki’s internal services and processes, promote smart city development, and share city models as open data to citizens and companies for research and development. The Helsinki 3D open data platform now supports many initiatives to improve sustainability and quality of life with a city-scale digital twin.

Bentley is utilizing an open platform to integrate existing city models and support internal processes and public services to be carbon neutral by 2035. This platform tests smart city initiatives, including 3D modeling, data use, and energy efficiency. The 3D models analyze the utilization of solar power, flood assessments and noise calculations. Helsinki’s digital twin is used to share open data for simulations, visualization, collaboration and engagement for all stakeholders, including the general public. The software platform enables better decision-making by connecting the right information to the right stakeholder.