Geographic Information Systems

Environmental Information Management System, Pacific Nation, Niue

NIUE Geoportal’s desktop view

Niue’s Statement on Climate Change states, “Niue remains one of the most vulnerable nations to the adverse effects of climate change and, as such, faces the most dire and immediate consequences… Niue is subject to extreme climate events such as cyclones and droughts.”  As part of its strategy, the Statement addresses the need “to improve and strengthen the collection, storage, management and application of climate data…, to monitor climate change patterns and its effects.”

IIC Technologies responded to this challenge by creating the Niue Environmental Information Management System (EIMS), a comprehensive solution to effectively utilize the nation’s geospatial data. The EIMS data infrastructure, developed as a cloud-based platform using open-source technologies, aims to overcome critical issues such as the lack of a national data repository and limited data management capabilities. This innovative system provided a unified suite of functionalities for effective loading, management, and visualization of geospatial and non-geospatial data. Stakeholder engagement played a crucial role, with extensive meetings to understand user requirements. Additionally, the project had positive side benefits, including increased data holdings, community engagement, educational development, and preservation of cultural heritage.