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Transportation and Mobility

Traffic Index, Global Coverage

The TomTom Traffic Index covers 390 cities across 56 countries on six continents. It measures cities worldwide by travel time, fuel costs and CO2 emissions, providing free access to city-by-city information. Drivers, city planners and policymakers can use the index to help tackle traffic-related challenges. Using real-time traffic information and accumulating trillions of data points each year, TomTom can help cities predict traffic hot spots and peak hours, analyze what happened over time and create profiles of roads and congestion. These profiles consider CO2 emissions, fuel prices and time spent driving and compare car driving with other means of commuting. Their real-time traffic, origin-destination analysis, traffic statistics, and junction analytics have basic information available to the public at no cost, with subscription options for more advanced information. As part of its efforts to support sustainable development goals, TomTom partnered with the global nonprofit International Road Assessment Program (IRAP) to compile international road safety standards, giving roads one-to-5-star ratings and identifying the world’s most dangerous roads.