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WGIC All Set to Host Industry Expert Sessions at Geo Week 2024 

WGIC will engage in Geo Week 2024 as an event partner, facilitating industry sessions, showcasing at the exhibition, and hosting WGIC board and member meetings.

The World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC) is pleased to announce that from February 11-13, WGIC will partner with Geo Week 2024 to organize industry expert programs.   

WGIC is set to organize three events during Geo Week, featuring sessions on the geospatial context of the metaverse, the critical importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive geospatial industry, as well as challenges and solutions within the expanding geospatial workforce. 

All the sessions led by WGIC aim to bring leading experts on geospatial technology and business to discuss and share their knowledge and experience with the Geo Week community. WGIC will also have its booth and showcase in the exhibition hall and organize a board and member meeting.   

Unveiling Geospatial Integration in the Metaverse 

Speakers at the WGIC Metaverse Session at Geo Week 2024
Speakers at the WGIC Metaverse Session at Geo Week 2024

Metaverse’s transformative potential in reshaping the utilization of geospatial data and technologies is undeniable. Recognizing this, WGIC released a policy report titled “Bringing Geospatial Context to the Metaverse: Considerations for the Next Steps Report” last year. This report not only infuses geospatial context into the Metaverse but also offers specific considerations to enhance the value of geospatial technology. 

In the “Geospatial: Where the Metaverse Gets Real” session, panelists will delve into the geospatial context of the Metaverse, exploring considerations to amplify the value proposition of geospatial technologies. Drawing from insights and case studies from WGIC’s recent industry-wide report, the session will discuss the opportunities and challenges for geospatial industry in building the Metaverse applications.  

Navigating Through Growth: Strategies for the Expanding Geospatial Workforce 

Speakers at the WGIC Geospatial Workforce Session at Geo Week 2024
Speakers at the WGIC Geospatial Workforce Session at Geo Week 2024

During the “When Demand Exceeds Supply – Strategies for The Rapidly – Growing Geospatial Workforce” panel hosted by WGIC, panelists will explore challenges and solutions within the expanding geospatial workforce. This panel will focus on crucial strategies for bridging the demand-supply gap in the geospatial field, where the demand for skilled professionals outstrips availability. 

Engage with experts as they discuss innovative approaches to attract, train, and retain talent in the geospatial industry, addressing the burgeoning industry requirements. Gain insights into collaborative efforts between private sector and educational institutions to adapt and meet the escalating demands of the rapidly evolving geospatial sector. Discover more about a previous WGIC session in Geo Week 2023 that delved into impactful strategies for workforce growth last year. 

Geospatial Inclusion Imperative – A Closer Look

Speakers at the WGIC DEI Session at Geo Week 2024
Speakers at the WGIC DEI Session at Geo Week 2024

WGIC will continue a vital exploration of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) within the geospatial field through its “The Geospatial Inclusion Imperative: Diverse Leadership Shaping Tomorrow” panel at Geo Week. This session will provide a platform to discuss the critical importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive geospatial industry. 

Participants will hear from experts and practitioners who have implemented DEI initiatives, sharing insights and best practices and addressing ongoing challenges hindering the progress of the DEI initiatives. 

WGIC actively promotes DEI in the geospatial sector through its DEI Committee, exemplified by its recent report on leadership diversity and WGIC DEI Trailblazer Awards.  

Join us to learn how organizations and professionals can take concrete steps to create a more inclusive and equitable geospatial community, fostering innovation and ensuring representation for all voices in this rapidly evolving industry. 

Other Activities by WGIC at Geo Week 2024 

WGIC's Booth at Geo Week 2024 Exhibition
WGIC’s Booth at Geo Week 2024 Exhibition 

Exhibition – WGIC will participate in the exhibition and will have its booth (#323). In the exhibition, WGIC will consult and interact with private sector companies and partners to build new collaborations and develop meaningful partnerships. 

If you want to join WGIC and learn more about partnership opportunities, please visit us at Booth #323. 

On February 13 (2:00 – 3:00 PM), in room 709, WGIC will organize its Board Meeting. It will be followed by a Members Meeting (3:00 – 4:00 PM) and a reception (4:00 – 5:00 PM). WGIC will also have a Members Lounge in room 711, a quiet place for conversation, open to all WGIC Members.  

*If you are part of the WGIC Member organization, RSVP here so we can confirm your participation at the meeting and reception.