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Advancing the Geospatial Industry at Geo Week 2024

Hosting leading industry sessions, an exhibit, and member and board meeting, WGIC made impactful contributions to the geospatial industry at Geo Week 2024.
WGIC-Partners-with-Geo Week - Organizes-Three-Side-Events

WGIC engaged in Geo Week 2024 as an event partner and organized three side events featuring sessions on the geospatial context of the metaverse, the critical importance of fostering a diverse and inclusive geospatial industry, as well as challenges and solutions within the expanding geospatial workforce. WGIC also had its booth in the exhibition hall, hosting members and providing opportunities to network with the wider geospatial community. 

The Intersection – Geospatial and Metaverse 

Panelists of the "Geospatial: Where the Metaverse Gets Real" session at Geo Week 2024
Panelists of the “Geospatial: Where the Metaverse Gets Real” session at Geo Week 2024 

WGIC hosted a panel discussing the intersection of geospatial technology and the emerging Metaverse at Geo Week 2024. Panelists examined collaborative efforts in the domain and challenges in integrating real-time data into the Metaverse. 

The convergence of digital twins, artificial intelligence (AI), and the Metaverse signals a transformative era where these technologies synergize to unlock unprecedented capabilities. Yet, amidst this convergence, the geospatial community’s dedication to crafting precise and accurate 3D visualizations remains indispensable. It’s important to underscore that the geospatial community plays a critical role in ensuring the integrity and fidelity of data within the Metaverse. Read the full blog to learn more.  

To better understand the dynamic landscape of the Metaverse in the geospatial realm, access WGIC’s latest report titled ‘Bringing Geospatial Context to the Metaverse: Considerations for the Next Steps,’ download now

Geospatial Inclusion Imperative – A Closer Look 

Panelists of “The Geospatial Inclusion Imperative: Diverse Leadership Shaping Tomorrow” session at Geo Week 2024

“The Geospatial Inclusion Imperative: Diverse Leadership Shaping Tomorrow” session hosted by WGIC at Geo Week 2024 discussed the geospatial industry’s pressing need to integrate diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) principles to cultivate a more representative workforce, address systemic inequalities, and ensure equitable access to opportunities for everyone.  

The panelists strongly emphasized the need for measurable actions and accountability in advancing DEI within the geospatial sector. Through dedicated efforts in education, mentorship, organizational change, and global collaboration, the geospatial community can forge a future where diversity and inclusion are not mere check boxes but foundational pillars of the industry’s identity.  

Learn about the crucial role of DEI integration in shaping a more inclusive geospatial sector by delving into the full article. 

The Unmet Demand – Geospatial Workforce Shortage 

Panelists of "When Demand Exceeds Supply – Strategies for The Rapidly-Growing Geospatial Workforce" session at Geo Week
Panelists of “When Demand Exceeds Supply – Strategies for The Rapidly-Growing Geospatial Workforce” session at Geo Week 

Overcoming the talent gap in the geospatial realm calls for concerted action. Reviewing the education curricula, fostering industry-academia ties, and empowering the workforce with the right skills are integral to promoting an innovation-rich geospatial industry. Experts of WGIC’s “When Demand Exceeds Supply – Strategies for The Rapidly-Growing Geospatial Workforce” session at Geo Week emphasized that a multifaceted approach is essential to secure a future where the geospatial industry continues to drive technological innovation and societal progress. 

Within the geospatial industry, there’s a glaring issue: a wide talent gap limiting innovation and speed of growth. As the industry braces for a new era of expanded demand for geospatial services and solutions, this gap continues to widen, and the demand for a workforce characterized by technical acumen, adaptability, and innovative thinking continues to skyrocket. Read the full blog to explore panelists’ insights and solutions for bridging the talent gap in the geospatial industry. 

WGIC’s Booth at Geo Week

WGIC's booth at Geo Week 2024
WGIC’s booth at Geo Week 2024 

WGIC participated in the exhibition and had its booth. WGIC consulted and interacted with private sector companies and partners in the exhibition hall to build new collaborations and develop meaningful partnerships. 

WGIC’s Board and Member Meeting 

WGIC's Board and Member Meeting

WGIC held its Board Meeting, followed by a Member Meeting during Geo Week 2024 on February 13. The meeting was exclusive to WGIC members.