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Geo Action Africa Project

GeoAction Africa

Geospatial for Climate Impact and Adaptation

GeoAction Africa is a ground-breaking initiative by the World Geospatial Industry Council (WGIC) in collaboration with AGFUND, the Arab Gulf Development Programme. Our mission is to harness the power of geospatial technology to address the urgent challenges of climate change in Africa. Through the use of advanced mapping techniques, satellite imagery, and remote sensing data, we are working towards creating a resilient and sustainable future for the continent. GeoAction Africa facilitates the research, documentation and insights on the available commercial resources of geospatial data, tools, services and solutions to help support African countries actively implement their national adaptation plans (NAPs).


WGIC receives the prestigious 2021 Prince Talal International Prize for Human Development instituted by the Arab Gulf Programme for Development (AGFUND) at COP27. Learn more

Why GeoAction Africa?

Africa is particularly vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Innovative solutions are needed to tackle this pressing issue. GeoAction Africa brings together geospatial expertise, climate action, and community empowerment to drive positive change across the continent. By leveraging advanced mapping techniques, Earth observation data and geospatial analytics, it will be possible to provide valuable insights that can feed into climate action plans of African stakeholders.


Enhance National Adaptation Plans (NAPs)

GeoAction Africa aims to increase awareness of geospatial data, services, and products' role in developing improved and robust NAPs. By integrating geospatial information, countries can effectively adapt to climate change and build resilience.

Address Access Challenges

GeoAction Africa raises awareness of the challenges and opportunities of accessing geospatial data, tools, products, and services in Africa. Bridging the geospatial data divide is crucial for informed decision-making and sustainable development.

Survey on Geospatial Capabilities

Survey results will feed into a report to identify geospatial capabilities for climate action in Africa. Your valuable insights will contribute to shaping future strategies and implementing evidence-based interventions across the continent.

Take Action: Participate & Stay Informed!

Participate in Survey: Share your knowledge and experiences by participating in the WGIC survey on geospatial capabilities for climate action in Africa. Your input is invaluable in shaping effective solutions.

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