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WGIC Working Groups reorganized

WGIC’s Executive Board Members and its Secretariat have been re-evaluating the structure and the efficiency of the five Working Groups. All members can now re-join our newly streamlined working groups. There’s three of them.

WGIC Secretariat March 16, 2021
WGIC Working Groups Logo

Over the last period the Committee on Partnerships & Industry Engagement (PIE) in collaboration with the Secretariat and Executive Board Members, has agreed on a Council-wide-themed approach to better coordinate our objectives.  This approach will help us to more effectively contribute our industry expertise to societal trendswhich are driving progress towards sustainable development.  

It should come as no surprise that we list our industry contribution to the challenge of climate change, an overarching global trend to align our efforts. Under that umbrella, the WGIC will focus on three themes, headed by the three PIE Committee Members:

  • Disaster Resilience – Valrie Grant, GeoTechVision
  • Energy Transition – Robert Hoddenbach, Fugro
  • Sustainable Infrastructure – Arnout Desmet, TomTom

    We would like to transform the current Working Group construct to align with these themes, and therefore, cordially invite you with renewed passion and enthusiasm to support the successful set-upof these new Working Groups.


We are inviting current Members of the Working Groups, and also other professionals from the WGIC membership with an affinity and expertise in these themes to join the new Working Groups. These Working Groups will support our Members in identifying joint objectives towards affiliated industries and global stakeholders to install the essential value of our geospatial solutions, services, and products.  Global initiatives that deal with the challenges of building resilience against disasters, supporting the electrification and decarbonization of our energy supply and distribution, and developing and maintaining sustainable infrastructure are key assets with which WGIC Members can contribute. 

External partners

Another new development entails the official invitation of external partners to join these three new Working Groups. From practical questions to hands-on projects and collaborative events, the scope of WGIC’s Working Groups will be wider and deeper.

Als we are urging our new WGIC members and existing member companies to join or re-join and strengthen our collective power.