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WGIC participated in Geospatial World Forum 2021

At the Geospatial World Forum (GWF), one of the first physical global events in one and a half years, the World Geospatial Industry Council successfully presented itself during several workshops, panel discussions, presentations and meetings.

WGIC Secretariat October 25, 2021
WGIC Participated in GWF 2021.
WGIC Participated in GWF 2021.
WGIC Partnerships Committee Member Robert Hoddenbach of Fugro participated in a panel discussion on the EVOLVING NATIONAL GEOSPATIAL STRATEGY FOR THE NETHERLANDS.
WGIC Participated in GWF 2021.
WGIC Executive Director Barbara Ryan during the Closing Remarks. She emphasized the need for a sharp focus on technology, partnerships and policy. On her left: Greg Scott (UNGGIM), on her right: Ed Parsons (Google Maps).
In a Tech Session on 5G, Cloud & IoT, Brian Soliday of Voxelmaps presented the global 4D volumetric model of the earth. It combines high-resolution scans using the latest LiDAR and HD imaging sensors, fused with a wide variety of other rich content. During GWF Dinner and Awards Night, Voxelmaps secured an Innovation Award in the category HD Mapping. The jury specifically mentioned the collaboration with Verizon/ Amazon Web Services.
WGIC Participated in GWF 2021.
Olivier Casabianca, Vice President, GeoInstruments of Trimble, France participated in a plenary session called Digital Twins: Empowering Circular Economy.
WGIC Participated in GWF 2021.
WGIC Members Albert Momo (Trimble), Arnout Desmet (TomTom), Jim van Rens (RIEGL) and Dean Angelides (Esri) during the Roundtable Discussion on Public Private Partnerships.
Dean Angelides, Corporate Director International of Esri, Inc. participated in a plenary session called ‘Digital Twins: Empowering Circular Economy’.
WGIC’s Workshop on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. From left to right: Monica Sebillo (Eurogi), Cyhana Williams (African Women in GIS), Blazenka Micevic (CLGE), Albert Momo (Trimble), Nicole Blake (TomTom), Kuhelee Chandel and Barbara Ryan (both WGIC).
Jim van Rens (RIEGL) during the first physical WGIC Meeting in over 1,5 years.
Adina Gillespie (GHGSat) and Kuhelee Chandel (WGIC) at an afternoon WGIC reception.
The Roundtable on Public Private Partnerships was a direct result of a recently published report on the subject. Download it by clicking here: Public-Private Partnership Models and Geospatial Collaborations.