Advancing the geospatial ecosystem

Vision & Mission

VISION To be a collaborative platform to advance role of geospatial industry and strengthen its contribution in world economy and society.

Mission To be a catalyst for intra and inter industry knowledge exchange and co-creation of larger business opportunities for the geospatial industry enhancing its value impact through policy advocacy, business development and collaborative programs.


WGIC endeavors to:

  1. Enhance the role of the geospatial industry and strengthen its contribution in global economy and society.
  2. Facilitate exchange of knowledge within the geospatial industry and co-creation of larger business opportunities for the geospatial industry.
  3. Represent business interest, share perspectives of the geospatial industry and undertake policy advocacy and dialogue with public authorities, multilateral agencies and other relevant bodies.

WGIC seeks to achieve these objectives, amongst other things, through:

  • Participation in dialogues with governments to develop necessary regulations and effective policies;
  • Liaising with governments and multilateral agencies to monitor regulatory changes;
  • Liaising with geospatial trade and industry bodies;
  • Providing its members with relevant services that have a positive impact on their core businesses;
  • Promotion of the geospatial industry as a key enabling industry and contributor to the global sustainable development goals; and
  • Communication about and marketing of the value and contributions of the geospatial industry.

Values & Guiding Principles


Clearly communicate industry’s perspectives to all internal and external industry stakeholders.


Committed to help its member organizations excel and become recognized world leaders and innovations in offering geospatial technologies & services.


Committed to deliver its services reliably and ethically.


A transparent organization that will work with industry, government and multilaterals - to build partnerships based on trust and mutual benefits.


Committed to provide an unbiased platform and enabling environment to offer equal importance to the members irrespective of size of the organization or country of its origin.

Diversity and Inclusion

Always stand for non-discriminatory practices in its operations.

Financial Stability

Be a self-sufficient industry council efficiently working on revenue from memberships and programs.


Look at increased number of members as well as innovate continuously to retain the interest of the existing members.


Ensure that the WGIC functions as the voice of the geospatial industry and shines as a platform for knowledge exchange & collaboration among all stakeholders.