Partner Perspective

Updates from buildingSMART Board, SAC and International Council, Annual Report

WGIC partner buildingSMART International concluded their Council, Board and Strategic Advisory Council meetings in June with a variety of announcements, updates and news to be shared.

WGIC Secretariat June 29, 2021
buildingSMART International

International Council
The buildingSMART International Council approved Annual Report for 2020. Approval was met for the re-appointment of Patrick MacLeamy and Christophe Castaing as existing Board members and Jugal Makwana and Kjell Inge Davik as new Board members. Then there was the re-appointment of Jøns Sjøgren, Patrick MacLeamy, Birgitta Schock, Menno de Jonge as the Nominations Committee for 2021-2022

The Board meeting included an application for forming a Croatian Chapters presented by the Croatian Association for Construction Management (CACM), which is under consideration. There was also a discussion of the Compliance program governance and leadership requirements. This was also the final meeting for Kjetil Tonning, Board member, and Bill Moore, Treasurer, and Board member.

Strategic Advisory Council (SAC) including WGIC Members
As part of buildingSMART International Strategic Membership, the “SAC” meets twice a year to discuss the future direction for the community. Representations from Arup, China Communications Construction Company Ltd., China Railway BIM Alliance, Nemetschek Group, Siemens, and WGIC Members Autodesk, Oracle Construction and Engineering, and Trimble all provided input, feedback, and discussion to topics such as software certification, accelerated projects, IFC 4.3 roadmap, openBIM® and GIS and more. There were also guests from the AASHTO organization and Schneider Electric.

The buildingSMART International Annual Report 2020