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Terra Analytics and Huawei in geospatial cloud partnership

Terra Analytics and Huawei are partnering in the cloud to meet the demands for data back-up, security and disaster recovery services in the geospatial arena.

WGIC Secretariat September 14, 2021

In a blog published in Brainstorm Magazine, Willy Govender, CEO, and Jeff Walker, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer, explain how and why this move came about.

“Not all of our clients understand cloud, how to migrate and the extent of integration required,” says Jeff Walker, Terra Analytics’ Chief Sales and Marketing Officer. “We apply our skills and the value Huawei brings to the table to offer innovation, competence and cost-efficiency to our clients to meet their requirements across the entire geospatial value chain, from data collection, creation, conversion, and enhancement to software development, modelling, analytics, and consulting. “We provide Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products for our clients so they can undertake their digital transformation strategies. These advanced, scalable end-to-end software solutions enable them to optimise their productivity and return on investment.”

Jeff Walker, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Terra Analytics
Jeff Walker, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Terra Analytics.

“Huawei Cloud offers our clients a safe, secure and advanced world-class platform for data management, data backup and disaster recovery capabilities. The collaborative partnership with Huawei Cloud also allows Terra Analytics to expand its global footprint.”

Terra’s CEO, Willy Govender adds that the decision to move its entire business to cloud was driven by the demands of collaboration, especially in a remote working sense for both employees and clients, plus economics because they wanted to scale on demand, based on the growth of the company and its clients.

Willy Govender, CEO, Terra Analytics.

“Huawei’s offering provided a simple migration due to their expertise, support and high-end technology solutions, as well as the important financial considerations around payper- use and scale-on-demand factors,” says Govender.

“Today, we can work from any location on any device, have a robust and redundant data management solution and therefore our business has the necessary resilience to handle such unexpected events as the pandemic and recent unrest. Huawei Cloud has futureproofed our back-end technology, provided unheralded efficiency to the business and all at a lower cost.”

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