How Tech Companies are using spatial analytics during COVID-19

We have covered in our previous posts how WGIC members…

WGIC Secretariat April 10, 2020

We have covered in our previous posts how WGIC members and leading industry players Esri and Hexagon are providing spatial analytics based COVID-19 dashboards. Further we found Google and OmniSci providing such datasets.

1. Esri – COVID-19 GIS Hub

Find novel coronavirus maps, resources, and insights for COVID-19 response. Get up-to-date, reliable information from authoritative sources over here.

2. Hexagon Geospatial COVID-19 Dashboard

In order to combat the Coronavirus outbreak, Hexagon AB has developed a COVID-19 interactive dashboard using Smart M.APP. The dashboard runs on both desktop and mobile devices.

3. Google Coronavirus (COVID-19) map

This dashboard from Google provides world-wide and country-level maps with statistics and the latest COVID related local news.

4. OmniSci – US COVID-19 dashboard

Global Confirmed COVID-19 Cases and Spread

OmniSci using its Immerse platform has created a COVID-19 dashboard to explore the trends and containment efforts across the map.

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