Member Corner

SI Analytics on joining the WGIC

In its first year as a WGIC Member, SI Analytics has been actively following the proceedings, but, being a newcomer, ‘from a safe distance’. CEO and Founder Mr Taegyun Jeon shares his thoughts.

WGIC Secretariat December 24, 2021
TG Jeon, CEO & Founder SI Analytics

“When thinking about the current position of geospatial tech and data, in policies, in professional use cases and everyday life, the WGIC can make a difference”, says Taegyun Jeon. “I think the biggest opportunity lies in the fact that you can share opinions on use cases and policy implications. At the WGIC, major companies gather and meet. Outside parties recognize it as an executive organization. It’s truly acting differently from individual companies, like SI Analytics, in that it can express opinions authoritatively. Take, for instance, the COP26 event, which dealt with environmental-related fields. In a way, WGIC is defining a representative geospatial purpose for humanity. Many companies are gathering their minds here to resolve this common purpose. On a smaller scale, the same goes for individual members, like our company. We supply Artificial Intelligence hardware and services, focusing on software. We combine these elements, inevitably, to create greater synergy.”

WGIC Discussion process

SI Analytics became a member in 2021. For the company, there was one specific moment where the WGIC came to the fore and the realization grew: ‘this is for us’. Mr Jeon remembers: “Through interviews and working groups that establish AI-related policies. I participated in the discussion process, listened to various opinions, and also delivered them myself. The communication was not ‘one-sided’. I truly ‘felt it’ when I interacted with the various members sharing thoughts and directions in that Committee.”

Joining Working Groups

After looking over WGIC’s Working Groups operating under the overall umbrella of Climate Change, SI Analytics is still contemplating on which one to join. Jeon says: “As I joined the Council for the first time this year, I took some time to confirm that there are various interesting activities. We hope to participate in one or more Working Groups. I’m interested in the fields mentioned by several of our senior researchers at our research center. All Working Groups are interesting. If we prioritize them, we hope to participate in 1) Transport & Sustainable Infrastructure, 2) Energy Transition, and then 3) Disaster Resilience.”