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Satellogic to develop Space-as-a-Service for Paraguay

Satellogic announced that it has signed a letter of intent with Agencia Espacial del Paraguay to develop a Space-as-a-Service program for the country.

WGIC Secretariat November 8, 2021
Satellogic Signs Agreement with Agencia Espacial del Paraguay to Provide Dedicated Satellite Constellation to the Republic of Paraguay

This recently signed LOI will bring change. WGIC member Satellogic and the Agencia Espacial del Paraguay (AEP) will undertake various technological and scientific projects together. These will all be in accordance with AEP’s Institutional Strategic Plan and the Space Policy of Paraguay. The LOI provides a framework for the start-up and development of a dedicated satellite constellation network. Satellogic’s Dedicated Satellite Constellation Program enables municipal, state and national governments to manage a fleet of satellites over a specific area of interest. In effect, Satellogic will develop a geospatial imaging program at unmatched frequency, resolution, and cost.

Low-risk, cost-effective model

“The Dedicated Satellite Constellation Satellogic will develop for AEP is a low-risk, cost-effective Space-As-A-Service model tailored for AEP and the Republic of Paraguay,” said Luciano Giesso, Sales Director for Satellogic. “Latin America is increasingly focused on space technologies. This to create new infrastructures to unlock the benefits of satellite data across many industries. This region continues to be an area of focus for us, uncovering huge opportunities for new space activities and projects.” Countries unequipped with their own satellites orbiting the Earth are limited in their ability to capture data. This goes for both their policy implementation and infrastructure. Satellogic’s Dedicated Satellite Constellation Program expands access to geospatial analytics and insights. Together, these contribute to strategic national interests. There is no capital outlay, there are no technical or operational risks.

A first for Paraguay

“This is the first agreement of this kind signed between AEP and a global space company. It contributes to aerospace development for the public and private sectors of Paraguay. Also, it establishes a sustainable system for our Space Agency purposes,” expressed Alejandro Román, General Director of Aerospace Development for AEP. “Satellogic is building the first scalable, high-resolution, earth-observation platform. By doing this, they could become the ideal partner to leverage outer space peacefully for the benefit of the Paraguayan population and the development of our country on new satellite technologies.” With access to Satellogic’s Dedicated Satellite Constellation Program, governments of all sizes can now develop unique earth-observation programs. With these, they can support key decisions and manage policy impact. Furthermore, they will be able to measure investment and socio-economic progress. Also, they will foster collaboration, as well as data and information sharing, and innovation.