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Satellogic joins International Disasters Charter

WGIC Member Satellogic is now providing satellite imaging data from its constellation to the International Charter Space and Major Disasters for use in monitoring and response activities.

WGIC Secretariat September 22, 2021
Satellogic Joins The International Disasters Charter

Satellogic, a provider in sub-meter resolution satellite imagery, now donates images and full-motion video at no cost to the Charter’s authorized users to enable access to timely information for disaster events worldwide. Notable members are ESA, USGS, CSA and ISRO. Among its many partners are WGIC Members Planet Labs and Maxar Technologies.

The International Disasters Charter

The International Charter consists of space agencies and space system operators from around the world. Together, they provide satellite imagery for disaster monitoring purposes. The data used in monitoring and response activities is acquired by the satellites of its members, contributing partners, and data contributors, to support disaster response worldwide. The Charter Board Members unanimously approved Satellogic’s application to be a data contributor to the Charter. “The Charter Members are very pleased to welcome Satellogic with its growing constellation of satellites as an approved data contributor to the Charter,” said G.S. Rao, Executive Secretariat Member of the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), current lead agency of the Charter, “Satellogic’s unique capabilities to capture high-frequency, high-resolution geospatial imagery will enhance the Charter’s ability to provide critical data for responding to disasters across the globe, thereby supporting humanitarian activities.”

Democratizing satellite data

“Satellogic is proud to demonstrate the power of high-frequency, high-resolution imagery for high-stakes use cases,” said Thomas VanMatre, Vice President of Global Business Development. “Through our partnership with the Charter, we’re democratizing access to satellite data that can help save lives and assist in rescue efforts around the world.” By leveraging Satellogic’s fleet of satellites and expert in-house data science team, the Charter will have access to high-frequency mapping, monitoring, and change detection analysis after disasters. Example use cases for Authorised Charter Users include pre- and post-event imagery of infrastructure and environment for charter members, leveraging Satellogic’s multispectral images, hyperspectral images, and full-motion video offerings.