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Maxar introduces Resource Hub

Recently, Maxar Technologies launched a Resource Hub. The website is divided in three parts: Products, Industries and Content Type.

WGIC Secretariat August 9, 2021
Maxar Resource Hub

Recently, Maxar Technologies launched a Resource Hub. It’s a new way to explore Maxar’s capabilities to help monitor, understand and navigate our changing planet.

Anyone who’s interested can take a look through its curated content, read about new products, download samples, and more.

Products, Industries, and Content Type
Maxar’s Resource Hub invites people to explore capabilities that help monitor, understand, and navigate our changing planet; you might discover new products and get a feel for exploring interactive maps. The website is divided into three parts: Products, Industries, and Content-Type. The Projects section of the Resource Hub contains sixteen divisions that range from a weather desk
and an information page for anyone who’s new to satellite imagery, to a 3D Telco Suite, Analysis Ready Data, and Persistent Change Monitoring. Under ‘Industries’ one finds nine chapters from Automotive & Logistics and Consumer Mapping to Marine & Maritime Security and Energy and Mining. The division called Content-Type lets the visitor choose between Videos, White Papers, Brochures, Tutorials, Webinars, Product Demos and Samples, and more.

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