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International Energy Agency presents Clean Energy Transitions Indicators

Supporting COP26, the IEA’s Net Zero Emissions by 2050 Scenario lays out the narrow but achievable pathway to net zero emissions by mid-century.

WGIC Secretariat November 3, 2021
IEA at COP26

Monitoring progress is essential to achieving climate and sustainable development goals. However, it is also essential to know where we are starting our voyage. We all need to reach that goal, but not every country will do it in the same way. It will be a reflection of the structure of each economy, its legacy energy mix, and other factors such as climate and geography. These indicators build on years of work at the IEA. They analyze and chart the energy transition, and the impact of the energy sector on emissions. Together, they provide recommendations and solutions to policy makers based on accurate data and objective analysis. It aspires to be an entry point into IEA’s wide range of reports and data on this critical topic.

Country-level tracking indicators

One example of the many Energy Transitions Indicators the IEA built, is focused on country-level tracking. Moving to a sustainable energy systems is a global challenge. It involves a multitude of decisions taken at national and local levels. Not every country starts from the same position, and not every country can or will seek the same solutions. It will all depend on the structure of its economy, its legacy energy mix, and factors such as climate and geography. This particular online section shows how countries are faring across a wide range of indicators, using the latest available data from the IEA. Using a drop-down menu, users explore a variety of indicators and see how countries stack up against each other in the latest data.

The IEA at COP26

The IEA is an admitted observer to UNFCCC negotiations at COP26. Better still, the IEA contributes to the climate negotiations on the Paris Agreement rulebook and implementation guidelines, jointly with the OECD. At COP26, the IEA will share its insights and expertise through diverse events. In doing this, they support countries in their efforts to implement nationally determined contributions.

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