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Hexagon Content Program’s Quarterly Snapshot

Apart from the latest news on hi-res data samples, the Quarterly newsletter of Hexagon’s Content Program contains various links to blogs and new partnerships.

WGIC Secretariat August 20, 2021
Hexagon Content Program's Quarterly Snapshot

One of the news items highlights Hexagon’s release of new geospatial data of Tokyo, Japan. The data is available via the HxGN Content Program and includes orthophotos, LiDAR point clouds and 3D building models.

New Partnership

Ecopia AI is now partnering with Hexagon to create nationwide 3D landcover of the US. The partnership enables high-precision 3D maps for the entire US using Hexagon’s high-resolution stereo imagery. Plug-and-play feature maps from Ecopia AI use Hexagon’s high-quality aerial imagery to allow deeper insights for critical decision-making.

Alexander’s Model, Geospatial CaaS
An interesting blog, translated from a German language original text, shows that, as old as the historical example of the Library of Alexandria may be, there are analogies with today’s geospatial information sector. There’s another one on Geospatial CaaS programs. They use the principle of a sharing economy to give everyone equal access to high-quality geospatial data. A third link inthe Quarterly Snapshot deals with the critical role of geospatial data accuracy in GIS applications.