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GHGSat Methane Emissions insights on Google Cloud Marketplace

WGIC Member GHGSat and Climate Engine partner to provide GHGSat methane emissions insights via the Climate Engine Enterprise offering on Google Cloud Marketplace.

WGIC Secretariat October 20, 2021
Methane Emissions Insights on Google Cloud Marketplace

Climate Engine and GHGSat are partnering to provide access to industrial methane emissions insights. They do this in order to help companies and governments better track and meet their net-zero commitments. As a Google Cloud Partner and Google Cloud Marketplace solution provider, Climate Engine provides a commercial conduit for GHGSat’s data to customers in a variety of sectors. These include financial services, consumer packaged goods, and the public sector. Founded in 2014, with support from, Climate Engine is powered by Google Earth Engine. It helps deliver earth science insights into public and private sector organizations. THis way, they support their commitments to climate change and sustainability.

GHGSat collects high-resolution remote sensing of greenhouse gas from space, providing emissions data and intelligence. Using its own patented sensor technology, GHGSat’s growing satellite constellation attributes methane emissions directly to individual facilities. The company’s patented infrared sensor identifies the unique “signature” created by methane as it absorbs sunlight bouncing back off the surface of the Earth.

Human activity

Methane (CH4) is a more potent greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide (CO2). Over a 20 year period, methane is 84 times more powerful in trapping heat than CO2. A significant volume of emissions, around 60%, is attributable to human activity. GHGSat’s capacity to deliver precise measurements with its constellation and analytics includes datasets from third-party satellites. Importantly, this enables Climate Engine clients to better understand their climate risks and deliver on their sustainability mandates. Through the Google Cloud Marketplace, users can easily consume this data and integrate it into the growing geospatial technology ecosystems in Google Cloud. Stephane Germain, CEO of GHGSat: “The time is here and now to monitor methane emissions and meet the Net Zero-emission commitments that will have a positive impact on our climate.

Leading enterprise platform

Partnering with Climate Engine is an important step in providing methane emission insights on a leading enterprise platform needed to support the global Net Zero pledges.” Jamie Herring, President of Climate Engine: “We are thrilled to announce our partnership with GHGSat. The time to act on climate change is now. Being able to identify and monitor where emissions are coming from is absolutely key to reducing global emissions. GHGSat is a global leader in provisioning high-resolution emissions data. Our partnership will allow us to better serve our customers in financial services, consumer packaged goods, and the public sector as they accelerate their work towards a net-zero emissions planet.”