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High quality geospatial content on AAM Group’s Geocirrus 3D Demonstrator site

AAM is providing a first look of its forthcoming ‘off the shelf’ content library.

WGIC Secretariat August 10, 2021
AAM Group Geocirrus Demonstrator

3D Research and Development Manager Colin Knowles said that it was exciting to share such high-quality content with potential users. “In an age of spatial digital twins, AAM’s data is used by countless clients around the globe as the foundation framework for smart cities. It’s very exciting to see the incorporation of AAM’s geospatial data in the daily operations of local government, architectural, engineering and consultancy firms. Being at the forefront of content creation with extensive coverage and fast data supply for our clients is where AAM is positioning itself with the soon to be released Geocirrus store,” Mr. Knowles said. “The content demonstrator lets users take a deep dive into some of Australia’s most recognizable locations.” By giving users the ability to interact with samples of our most in-demand content types, they can decide what content is best fit-for-use before placing orders.” The content demonstrator showcases geospatial samples covering major urban centers such as Sydney and Brisbane along with regional locations such as Gladstone (QLD) and the Hunter Valley (NSW).”

Access the Geocirrus 3D content demonstrator here