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EUSPA introduces itself at Open Space Event

Building on the legacy of
the European GNSS Agency (GSA), EUSPA will take on more responsibilities.

WGIC Secretariat October 27, 2021
EUSPA Open Space

Under the new Space Regulation, the European Union Agency for the Space Programme’s mandate is broadened. It will now include increased responsibilities in Galileo and EGNOS. These include enhanced management responsibilities for the operations and service provision. Secondly, the organization will get security accreditations. These entail components of the EU Space Programme, the operation of the Galileo Security Monitoring Centre and operational security. Thirdly, they will coordinate the user-related aspects of European Union Governmental Satellite Communications (GOVSATCOM), in close collaboration with the Member States and other involved entities. Lastly, EUSPA will be responsible for the development of downstream markets and fostering of innovation based on Galileo and EGNOS. Also Copernicus, leveraging funding mechanisms such as Fundamental Elements and Horizon Europe are included. The European Commission (EC) may also decide to entrust the Agency with other tasks in the future.

EU Space Programme

Every year around November, the Agency used to throw open its doors to familiarize citizens with its space-related activities through various interactive means. Τhis year, under a new name, with a broadened scope of activities, and while observing the current hygiene rules, EUSPA invites all interested parties to its first open-air exhibition called “EUSPA Open Space”. This new EUSPA is introducing itself and the newly created EU Space Programme to the general public in Prague. It will introduce visitors to the newly established EU Space Programme as well the agency’s new mission. “EUSPA Open Space” is a three-day, walk-through, open-air experience. The event will present the latest applications and services enabled by space. A particular focus is on the contribution of EU space to environmental protection and digital innovation.Official announcements mention ‘an Open Space open-air, flashy exhibition full of colour’.

‘Multi-faceted and fascinating’

“EUSPA’s new mission is multifaceted, complex and fascinating. We deliver the space-based services of Galileo and EGNOS to a growing group of users; We make sure that EU companies are taking advantage of the whole EU Space programme. Furthermore, we ensure the systems’ operations both in space and on the ground while we also stand next to innovators and entrepreneurs looking for space solutions” says EUSPA Executive director, Rodrigo da Costa. “With the EUSPA Open Space, we want to communicate our work to the general public. Also, we wish to highlight the importance of the Union’s investment in space,” da Costa concludes. The exhibition will be open to the public from 4 to 6 November 2021 at Janovského 438/2, 170 00 Praha 7-Holešovice.