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EULF Blueprint aligned with Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF)

The European Union Location Framework (EULF) Blueprint online content now includes a comprehensive cross-reference with the UN-GGIM Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF).

WGIC Secretariat November 9, 2021
EULF Blueprint and LIFO - new features!

There are now strong synergies between the EULF Blueprint and the UN IGIF Implementation Guidance. Public administrations planning advances in their use of location data for policy or digital public services, can now access in an integrated way the combined resources of both frameworks. At the same time, for each Blueprint recommendation, EULF has improved the online content navigation, expanded the EIF cross-referencing information, included a table of relevant ELISE resources and added to the further reading. The European Location Interoperability Solutions for e-Government (ELISE) action aims at Enabling Digital Government through Geospatial Data and Location Intelligence. It’s a package of legal/policy, organisational, semantic and technical interoperability solutions that aim to facilitate more efficient and effective digital cross-border or cross-sector interaction and data re-use. 

LIFO monitoring

The team has also linked the Blueprint guidance to equivalent LIFO monitoring results. This is the ‘soft launch’ of the first part of a new EULF Blueprint version (v5) for 2021. Further new content will be added in the summer, including updates from the LIFO 2020 monitoring. All the revisions will be incorporated in a new downloadable version of the published Blueprint v5 document.

Interactive Dashboards

The Location Interoperability Framework Observatory Framework Observatory (LIFO) monitors location interoperability good practices in Europe. It is basing its assessments on the level of adoption of EULF Blueprint recommendations. LIFO 2019 results have already been published. LIFO 2020 data has been collected and results are currently being documented.

LIFO dashboard
LIFO Interactive Dashboards – Visualise selected monitoring results

Ahead of publishing the LIFO 2020 results EULF announces a new capability enabling LIFO users to explore and visualise the results in a series of LIFO Interactive Dashboards. Users can display results for the different levels of the Blueprint (e.g. focus areas, recommendations) and compare results in different countries. They can also find out more about the related EULF Blueprint guidance at the click of a button. LIFO 2019 results are currently available in the LIFO Interactive Dashboards. 2020 results will be added later in the summer, together with the LIFO country factsheets and LIFO European State of Play Report. As part of this important upgrade, LIFO content has been converted to a ‘Solution’ on Joinup. This means that navigation for users is much better and LIFO content can more easily be tailored to user needs.