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Esri ArcGIS GeoBIM: spatial context in AEC operations

At Autodesk University 2021, WGIC member Esri unveiled a new product that expands the ability for BIM project teams to benefit from GIS. 

WGIC Secretariat October 11, 2021

ArcGIS GeoBIM provides a new web-based experience for AEC teams. It’s meant to explore and collaborate using data from multiple systems in a geospatial context. To clarify: ArcGIS GeoBIM connects to Autodesk BIM Collaborate Pro. This is a cloud-based design collaboration, coordination, and model coauthoring software. BIM Collaborate Pro is built on the Autodesk Construction Cloud. “Many global initiatives are under way to improve construction, design, and planning practices. It is critical that today’s AEC professionals can collaborate together with a common view of assets in a geospatial context,” said Jack Dangermond, Esri founder and president. “The ability to operate without siloed data provides AEC professionals with the flexibility they need to work together and meet the challenges of building in the future on an unprecedented scale.”

A unified GeoBIM experience

ArcGIS GeoBIM directs at project leaders and stakeholders in different industries. Take for instance infrastructure, construction, planning, water, and transportation. It presents a common view of asset locations, costs, issues, risks, and timelines throughout the project life cycle. “Autodesk and Esri’s cloud-to-cloud connection gives our shared customers a unified experience and the information they need at their fingertips—regardless of whether it’s BIM or GIS data,” said Amy Bunszel, Autodesk executive vice president of AEC Design Solutions. “This will improve efficiency and decision-making during planning, construction, and operations. Ultimately, our collaboration will help enable the industry to deliver more sustainable and resilient infrastructure.”

A single, authoritative source of truth access point

AEC team members can track design, coordination, quality and safety by linking data from Autodesk BIM Collaborate with ArcGIS GeoBIM. “What we need is a single, authoritative source of truth access point for everyone on our team. A way to bring data and information together that originates from multiple formats,” said Darin Welch. He is associate vice president and national geospatial and virtual engagement manager of HNTB. “Esri’s ArcGIS GeoBIM connection to the Autodesk Construction Cloud combines survey, design, and planning workflows that offer a blended BIM-GIS data experience that equips our team with more informed decision-making.”


In 2017, Autodesk and Esri announced the start of their relationship to build a bridge between BIM and GIS mapping technologies. Andrew Anagnost and Jack Dangermond announced this vision, also at  Autodesk University, in Las Vegas, Nevada. “It is important to consider the needs of future generations during the design and building of projects today,” said Jack Dangermond back then. “The benefits of partnering with Autodesk will include securing sustainable resources for the growing population, a responsible human footprint on our natural environment, better use of our planet’s resources and more resilient cities.” In 2017, Autodesk’s CEO Andrew Anagnost remarked: “Our goals are to provide industry and city planners the ability to design in the context of the real world. This will allow communities to build more connected, resilient cities, and infrastructure with a focused eye on sustainability.”