Geospatial industry & Tech - Creating a positive impact during the COVID-19 crisis

How are geospatial technologies helping the world understanding the current scenario of COVID-19? How is the geospatial industry supporting this? Know more.​

COVID-19 & Geospatial Industry

The geospatial industry responding to the COVID-19 crisis is providing the geospatial insights to citizens across the globe. Further it is supporting its employees, customers, partners and communities in this time of crisis. Know more about the efforts of WGIC members.

Spatial Dashboards providing insights on the COVID-19 crisis

WGIC has seen an uptake in the application and use of spatial analytics during the COVID-19 pandemic in the form of dashboards. This effort from WGIC is to highlight the great work from various organizations and individuals who are providing the COVID-19 dashboards enabled with spatial analytics.

How are governments using location tracking in combination with personal data to track and combat COVID-19?

With COVID-19 taking the central stage across the globe, the governments, non-profits and other civil society organizations are finding new ways to tackle the spread of the virus. As a part of this effort is the contact tracing technology that is helping various governments with the help of location tracking and analysis. Here is how various countries are using location tracking and personal data to combat COVID-19.

CoronaTrace is a platform to facilitate decentralized contact tracing for confirmed Covid-19 patient

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