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WGIC supports the Placekey initiative

September 28, 2020
WGIC supports the Placekey initiative

We are glad to let you all know that WGIC, along with 150+ leading technology providers, integrators, public authorities, research and academic institutions, and advocacy organizations, is supporting the Placekey initiative. On the morning of October 7th, Placekey will go live.

What is Placekey?

Placekey is a free, common ID across all physical places in the world to encourage data sharing and increase innovation. The initiative came out to address fundamental data integration challenges in building thriving ecosystems around geospatial data. Placekey will bring together thousands of organizations to arm the entire ecosystem with the ability to innovate faster than ever before.

Join the launch

WIC highly encourages you to know register for the launch on October 7th at this link