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How Tech Companies are using spatial analytics during COVID-19

April 10, 2020

We have covered in our previous posts how WGIC members and leading industry players Esri and Hexagon are providing spatial analytics based COVID-19 dashboards. Further we found Google and OmniSci providing such datasets.

1. Esri – COVID-19 GIS Hub

Find novel coronavirus maps, resources, and insights for COVID-19 response. Get up-to-date, reliable information from authoritative sources over here.

2. Hexagon Geospatial COVID-19 Dashboard
In order to combat the Coronavirus outbreak, Hexagon AB has developed a COVID-19 interactive dashboard using Smart M.APP. The dashboard runs on both desktop and mobile devices.

3. Google Coronavirus (COVID-19) map

This dashboard from Google provides world-wide and country-level maps with statistics and the latest COVID related local news.

4. OmniSci – US COVID-19 dashboard

Global Confirmed COVID-19 Cases and Spread

OmniSci using its Immerse platform has created a COVID-19 dashboard to explore the trends and containment efforts across the map.