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Focus Area: Energy Transition

March 15, 2021

The latest news from WGIC partners in the Energy Sector, featuring the World Energy Council and the International Energy Agency.

World Energy Council

Future-Proofing Energy: 2020 from the World Energy Council Chile, is a new regional study, as part of the initiative Future-Proofing Energy. It is designed by the executive directorate of the World Energy Council Chile and Yuken Impact research Lab.

The combined effects of the COVID pandemic and the previous social outbreak revealed relevant weaknesses in the social, economic, political, and productive structure in Chile. This type of weakness becomes a problem that puts the country and sector’s future at risk. A “future-proof” energy system is one where new ways for creating private and public  – social, environmental, and economic – are not limited by restrictions imposed from within the system; limited ability to react to unforeseen events; disregard for the value of people; or anchoring to rules, processes or technologies that do not allow progress. Future Proofing Energy 2020

The World Energy Council is scanning signals of recovery from around the world to see through the current fog of uncertainty, enhance a strategic conversation on different energy futures and enable orderly global energy transition as the world emerges from crisis. The WEC enlisted members of their Future Energy Leaders community to detect and share signals to aid in the development of the World Energy Transition Radar. World Energy Transition Radar

International Energy Agency (IEA)

The IEA Executive Director, Dr Fatih Birol, and the President of COP26, Alok Sharma, met in Paris on 3 March to discuss priorities for accelerating clean energy transitions worldwide in the lead-up to COP26 in Glasgow in November.

IEA: Executive Director and COP26 President review global climate diplomacy in bilateral meeting

After a steep drop in early 2020, global carbon dioxide emissions have rebounded strongly.

IEA: After steep drop in early 2020 global carbon dioxide emissions have rebounded strongly

IEA calls on companies, governments and regulators to take urgent action to cut methane emissions from oil and gas sector.

IEA calls on companies, governments and regulators to take urgent action to cut methane emissions from oil and gas sector