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e-Geos guarantees the operation of its centers in Roma and Matera

April 1, 2020

Our Corporate Member e-Geos, in a press statement, said that despite the serious health crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, since the start of the emergency e-GEOS guarantees the operations of its centers in Roma and Matera securing full continuity of services at the global level.

It further said – At the Matera Space Centre, one of the most important Earth Observation data hubs in the world, e-GEOS has put in place a series of extraordinary measures to protect all our people and operators and ensure service continuity at all levels.

According to the company – A combination of on-site work in segregated areas with limited access and smart working from home has been set up, to secure the full operational capability of data acquisition, processing, archiving and dissemination of main space Earth Observation missions, Copernicus, the COSMO SkyMed constellation and the full delivery of services and “sensitive” activities in support of national and international security, public utility and the lives of citizens.

Source: e-Geos News Release